Your single family property is a valuable investment that is already contributing to your bottom line. Yet it’s possible to create an even healthier bottom line with a detached Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) on your property. ADUs provide attractive rental housing and are legal in residential neighborhoods in most communities.

Dweller specializes in building modular ADUs and installing these housing units in a turnkey fashion so the property owner doesn’t have to hassle with permits, contractors and the other requirements of the construction process.

For property owners who want to own and manage their own ADU, Dweller offers this turkey solution for a fixed price, and will even help you find a lender. For property owners unable to obtain the financing to purchase the ADU, Dweller has an innovative lease option to allow the homeowner to realize additional income from their property.

Step 1 – Homeowner and Dweller sign a lease agreement to utilize the homeowner’s excess backyard space.

Step 2 – Dweller builds the ADU offsite and installs the ADU.

Step 3 – Dweller manages the ADU and shares a percentage of the collected rent with the homeowner.

Dweller ADUs are the quickest and simplest path to installing an ADU and generating additional income from your property.

to Learn more and find out if your property is suited for a Dweller ADU, contact us today.