Eliminate the hassle of building an ADU

Typically, homeowners must hire an architect, a contractor, and someone to manage their ADU and find the best renters. In addition, homeowners are forced to use cash or equity from their property in order to build an ADU.

Instead, let Dweller handle the whole process. In this role, Dweller is responsible for design, permitting, construction and installation of the ADU and, if you prefer, the maintenance and management of the unit. As part of this model, Dweller offers one fixed price to cover all costs associated with building the ADU, including construction, installation, permitting, utility connections and landscaping.



Cost – With Dweller, homeowners can have an income-earning ADU for an affordable purchase price. This model for building ADUs opens the market to the vast majority of homeowners.

Speed – By using the latest advances in modular construction, Dweller reduces construction time to 30-45 days, and can have an income-earning ADU in your backyard in less than six months of signing an agreement.  Building your own ADU on site currently takes 18-24 months.

Simplicity – Because Dweller is responsible for all construction and installation, you don’t need to hassle with contractors and permitting agencies. In addition, if you aren’t interested in managing the ADU, Dweller offers access to property management services as well.

Financing – Dweller can assist you in obtaining the financing to purchase the unit. We work with a variety of lenders who specialize in financing ADUs and can even make you a loan that isn’t based on the current equity in your property.


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